Gossau, 10 April 2015

Mojo, Digit, Chicca, Pili, Madschabu, Elisha, Malik

Malik takes the brush and leaves

Chicca eats the color, then strokes on the paper intensively and focused!
We offer her a second sheet of paper
Digit joins
Chicca leaves

Digit takes the brush and leaves

Fanny takes the brush and leaves

Balima shows no interest

Fanny shows no interest

Balima does not even take the brush, then leaves

Oseye takes the brush and strokes on the floor, then drops the brush again and again
She strokes hesitantly on the paper, then drops the brush

Tzippi shows no interest

Today was the first session since Belle and Sanne arrived from the Netherlands two weeks ago. The atmosphere was surprisingly calm, even though we noticed that the new ones were repeatedly inspected and observed. Balima also tried to beat them through the grid with a branch. Cess was very friendly, although he was the one who had thrown feces at them in the first place. Chicca was the main protagonist today and stroked as intensively as she had for a long time. This is even more surprising because the newcomers are in the same space and were able to observe us for the whole session. She made large strokes and generous color fields, even larger than the ones she made before. Oseye joined today, but always dropped the brush and was not really engaged with stroking. Balima did not even take the brush in her hand. We are curious to see how this will develop and whether the participation of the chimpanzees will intensify again.