Gossau 5 March 2015

Madschabu, Digit, Chicca, Cess, Tzippi

Madschabu shows no interest

Pembeele takes the brush, dips it into the pot, eats the paint and leaves

Tzippi sits in the upper corridor and observes

Digit shows no interest

Pembeele takes the brush and leaves

Pembeele takes the brush and leaves

We go to Malik, who sits in the corridor at the back and shows no interest

Cess also sits there, showing no interest

Digit is also at the corridor in the back; he dips the brush and leaves

Digit shows no interest

Today the mood was calm and relaxed. Tzippi has a slight swelling because of her menstruation and Digit did not leave her side. Tzippi sat at the upper corridor for the whole session and made it impossible for most of the others to get to us. At the same time, the rest of the group spent most of the time in the inner compound and there was not actually anyone trying to get past Tzippi. Pembeele was the only one who sat with us, but he only took the brush, dipped it into the paint and left with it. We did not document any trace of paint today, although it was quiet and relaxed. There was also a brush laying on the ground during the whole session and no one picked it up. It is becoming more and more apparent that the chimpanzees have lost interest in the painting implements.