Gossau, 4 Feruary 2015

Chicca, Mojo, Pembeele, Digit, Madschabu, Pili, Petiri

Chicca (r) eats the color and leaves

Elisha (r) takes the brush and wipes it off on the floor

Pili takes the brush
Chicca (r) strokes on the enclosure grid and leaves
Madschabu eats the paint
Chicca (r) strokes through the grid and leaves

Elisha returns the brush
Madschabu shows no interest

Pili (l) strokes through the grid and leaves

Petiri eats the paint and leaves

Pembeele dips the brush and leaves

Pili eats the paint and leaves

Elisha takes the brush
Digit joins and everyone leaves

Pili takes the brush and leaves

Digit dips the brush into the paint pot, eats the paint and leaves

Pili, Petiri eat the paint
Petiri eats the paint and leaves
Digit joins, dips the brush, eats the paint and leaves

Pili leaves right away

Chicca stipples with green color, then leaves again

Pili strokes with the yellow paint through the grid

Mojo dips the brush and leaves

Pili stipples through the grid
Madschabu shows no interest

Mojo takes the brush, then leaves again because of Pili

Mojo (1) dips with the brush in all the pots
He throws the brush at Pili, fetches the brush again, dips the brush and then strokes through the grid!

Today the mood was very calm and relaxed. Accordingly, the productivity and concentration was also more intense, albeit not comparable to six months ago. Chicca and Madschabu did not show much interest at all. Madschabu actually doesnÕt show any interest at all. Pili is still taking part in the sessions, but does not develop further than an investigation of the materials. Elisha joined today and dipped the brush but did not do anything with it. Digit was also there once again and was quite relaxed; he took the brush twice and dipped it into the paint pots but then left with it. Mojo also joined the session today and even stroked a little through the enclosure grid. As soon as any distraction from another chimpanzee came, he threw the brush at that individual. When no one is annoying or distracting him, he concentrates on the painting implements. It should be pointed out that Pembeele made generous strokes with the blue paint on the wall today, as Madschabu did a few months ago. It doesnÕt seem that the interest has completely wanes at this point and we're therefore excited about how the sessions will continue.