Gossau, 14 January 2015

Madschabu, Digit, Petiri, Pili, Pembeele, Elisha, Brigitte

Madschabu plays with the camera and then with Petiri in the corridor
Pili joins, and all three play together
Madschabu sits down and gets distracted
Pili sits down and is distracted
Petiri sits down and gets distracted
All three play together
Pili sits down and stipples a little
Pembeele distracts him and sits down; he shows no interest
Pili stipples through the enclosure grid
Petiri stipples through the grid
Brigitte joins and eats the paint
Pili stipples through the grid
Petiri stipples through the grid, but seems focused!
Brigitte smears the paint on the wall
Petiri stipples through the grid
Pili strokes on the grid
Brigitte eats the paint

Balima joins and brings a brush
Chicca takes a brush and leaves again
Balima sits down and makes a few cautious dabs

Today the mood was calm and relaxed again. The twins, Pembeele and Madschabu were mainly occupied with playing, although now and then one of them sat down at the setting. When they calmed down a little, we were particularly impressed with Petiri, who has never devoted himself to the painting implements as much as today. Pili also participated several times and then left near to the exit to the outer compound where he began to smear on the floor. Madschabu shows no real interest anymore and is only bringing the brushes and leaving right away. At the same time, however, he is strongly distracted by the twins as soon as he joins us. Today, Balima produced a dab for the first time, but she does not seem to have any great interest. We'll see what the future holds.