Gossau, 5 December 2014

Fanny, Pili, Petiri, Brigitte, Chicca

Pili takes a brush and eats the paint
Brigitte joins, makes strokes on the floor and then with great movements on the wall!
Pili strokes on the paper
Pembeele joins, takes a brush and leaves
Petiri joins and takes a brush

Pili takes a brush and leaves

Petiri takes a brush and leaves

We call Chicca, but she does not want to come

Petiri joins and makes a few hesitant strokes
Pili stipples on the paper, begins to make strokes, smears the color with his mouth on the paper, then spits the color out again and smears it on the paper

Pili joins and they play together
Mojo takes a brush, dips it into the paint and throws the brush at Pili, then takes another brush, dips it into the paint and throws it again at Pili
Brigitte comes down and gets two brushes
Mojo takes another brush again, dips it into the paint and throws it at Pili
Mojo takes a brush again, but this time stipples carefully on the paper(!) and leaves

We call Chicca, who is observing everything from the upper corridor, but she does not want to come

Today the mood was calm and relaxed again. We are still reminded of Blacky, but the hole she left is already less heavy for all the participants to carry. Today we also witnessed two highlights: For the first time, Brigitte stroked the paint on the floor and in great movements on the wall. The second highlight was that Mojo made a conscious dab on the paper for the first time. We are incredibly enthusiastic about this. In addition, Pili was more productive and concentrated than ever before and also smeared the paint increasingly with his mouth. He repeatedly dripped the licked paint mixed with his salvia on the paper and then smeared it on the paper again. Mojo dipped the brush into the paint and threw it at Pili several times, which was very amusing. Chicca wanted to come down. We sent her back up again, because it was very unfavorable for those who were already present. When we called her later, she did not want to come any more. All in all, it was a very nice meeting today and Brigitte's and Mojo's first strokes allow us to look forward to the next meetings after a somewhat sluggish and sad time.