Gossau, 28 November 2014

Malik, Elisha, Oseye, Chicca, Pembeele, Petiri, Pili

Chicca sits in the upper corridor and observes

Elisha, Malik
Elisha dips the brush into the paint, but shows no interest
Malik takes the brush and leaves

Fanny shows no interest

Elisha takes the brush
Chicca gets a brush and goes back up

Malik takes a brush and stamps on the board

Pembeele shows no interest

Balima takes the brush and leaves

We hold the small board directly on the grid
stipples on the paper holding the brush in his mouth
Pili joins and stipples through the grid too
Petiri joins and also stipples a bit
Brigitte joins
Pili strokes over the bars on the paper

Madschabu examines the sport camera, but does not show interest in stroking
Fanny enters, takes the brush and leaves

Pembeele takes the brush
Oseye takes a brush and leaves again because Chicca is coming
Chicca takes the brush and goes back up

Today the mood was calm and relaxed, but relatively unproductive. We have paused for two weeks because of Blacky's death and to allow the chimpanzees and ourselves to restart somehow. Since Blacky was the main participant until now, her absence weighs heavily. Madschabu, who was very active for a time, also has to find his place in the group again and has to deal with his mourning for his mother. Basically, interest in the session is still noticeable, and especially Pili and Malik were active today. It is worth noting that Malik held the brush with his mouth and as Pili came to it, he did the same, although he held the brush in his hand the times before and also actually has much more experience in stroking than Malik. Chicca did not come to participate in the stroking today and did not leave her observer position at any time. Madschabu was very hesitant and when he finally came, he did not show much interest in stroking. It was also nice that he sat with us for a time together with Fanny: The two children of Blacky were present at the same time.