Gossau, 7 November 2014

Mojo, Madschabu, Digit, Chicca, Cess, Elisha

Chicca eats the paint
Pembeele joins

Angela asks Chicca to sit over a bit
Chicca leaves because she does not want to sit over
Pembeele leaves

Oseye, Fanny
Tzippi joins
Oseye, Fanny leave because of Tzippi

Tzippi is only eating the paint
We take the colors away, she leaves

Pembeele dips the brush and leaves

Madschabu shows no interest, display-behavior with the brush handle

Oseye shows no interest

Madschabu shows no interest

Today, from the very beginning, the whole meeting was under the cloud of Blacky's farewell. It is expected that she will be euthanized in three or four days. Her pain is too great and she can hardly climb anymore. The preparations are already going on and it is also noticeable in the group, also because Blacky cannot go out any more. Accordingly, the mood among us and the animals is not so focused on the actual session. Perhaps it is interesting to mention that our (already informed) mood affects the productivity of the (not yet knowing) chimpanzees and that, because of us, they probably do not care so much about the stroking. I hope that Blacky can leave us peacefully and doesn't panic. We will see how the new group constellation affects the sessions.