Gossau, 30 October 2014

Balima, Mojo, Digit, Cess, Chicca

Chicca eats the color, strokes on the paper, and repeats
Oseye, Petiri, Brigitte and Pili join
Oseye bites on the brush, then dips the brush into the paint with the handle
Pili stipples on the paper
Brigitte dips the brush into the paint, then eats the paint
Pili spits the paint mixed with saliva on the paper, stipples on the paper and pushes the brush into the board
Brigitte swishes on the floor with the brush and goes to the upper corridor
Pili strokes with his tongue, biting into the paper
We hold the next board directly on the grid
Brigitte wants to get loused
Pili pushes the brush against the board and smears the paint with his tongue

Petiri swings, holding himself with the feet at the top of the grid and makes large traces on the wall with a brush in his hand, but he does not observe what he is producing

Elisha, Malik
Malik tears the paper off
Elisha strokes without paint on the brush on the paper lying on her back

Cess returns the brush

Digit takes the brush and leaves

Balima takes the brush and leaves

Elisha shows no interest

Mojo dips the brush into different color pots, and goes to the upper corridor (Chicca calls him)

Chicca strokes on the paper and suddenly wants to grab the splasher, reaching out of the grid

Mojo does not want to take the brush anymore

Elisha shows no interest

Today the mood was calm and relaxed. First, we did medical training for about half an hour, which I filmed for Angela. After a short break, we started the session. Chicca came at the beginning and mainly ate the color, but also stroked a little. Pili was very active and produced a few manifestations. Today he also smeared with his tongue on the paper. He mixed the color with saliva, spat it out and smeared, repeating this action several times. He also tried to destroy the paper or the board in various ways by biting it or by pushing the brush into it. Brigitte swiped the floor today, which was a surprise. Elisha shows no interest at all and Malik just wanted to rip off the paper. Mojo joined again today, dipped the brush several times into the paint and, during his second appearance, didnÕt even take the brush into his hand. Chicca stroked a little at the end and then wanted to grab the splasher, reaching underneath the grid. We almost had the feeling that she just used the stroking as a distraction in order to get to the splasher. Blacky did not come today because she is still very sick. She is only climbing down in the morning when she has to get out or in the evening to enter again. The climbing is too painful to her. This is very sad and a great pity. Also, Madschabu was not present today.