Gossau, 24 October 2014

Petiri, Pili, Mojo, Balima, Pembeele, Brigitte, Cess, Chicca

Pili, Brigitte
Chicca is sent to go to the upper corridor

Pili stipples with the white paint on the white paper, then dips the brush with the handle and leaves

Oseye makes some strokes on the floor
Petiri steals the brush from her
Pili stipples on the floor
Petiri dips into the paint with the finger
Brigitte strokes on the floor(!), then eats the paint

Balima sits on the rope and stays there for the whole session
Mojo joins in and smears a paint spot on the floor!
Mojo dips the brush and throws it away

Petiri eats the color
Pili stipples through the grid on the paper
We slide the board underneath the grid
Petiri stipples then returns the brush
Pili takes the brush and strokes on the grid

Chicca strokes through the grid
Tzippi strokes together with Chicca, then returns the brush and goes to the upper corridor
Tzippi mostly eats the paint

Oseye does not take the brush
Tzippi wants to louse with Angela
She shows her belly as she does during the medicinal training

Oseye takes the brush then returns it
Tzippi returns the brush
Oseye dips the brush into the paint and strokes on the floor but loses interest
Tzippi eats the paint, returns the brush and then eats the paint again

Pembeele joins in with a brush and leaves right away

Digit passes by

Mojo joins, takes the brush and cautiously strokes on the grid

Digit passes again with a brush in his mouth, but shows no interest
Mojo dips the brush, returns it and leaves
He places a bunch of straw wool on the sheet of paper and sits on it
He then turns around quickly in a circle for several times

Elisha eats the paint and shows no interest

Today the mood was calm and relaxed again. Blacky did not come at all and apparently she is not feeling very well. She does not eat properly anymore and the other chimpanzees are showing an unusual behavior towards her: Madschabu is spending more time with her again and is no longer with the other adult men and Tzippi defends her in front of Mojo and Malik, although she never really did that before. We hope very much that she will recover and that she does not die because of her advanced age. Madschabu therefore didn't join in, either. Pili was present from the beginning and stippled on the paper. He even began to stroke on the grid. Brigitte also drew a small line with the brush on the floor, which we would never have thought possible. Basically, she was only interested in eating the paint and wanted to get loused before. Mojo was present several times today and stroked a couple of times with the color (even once on the grid). The best moment, however, was not the stroking, but when he presented us a little dance, turning quickly around his own axis. He seems to feel more and more comfortable with the setting and we are curious to see how he will develop within the next sessions. Chicca and Tzippi were present today and stroked a few times between eating the paint. Oseye was also present, but was more hesitant regarding the stroking than before. Elisha showed no interest today, and Balima, who spent almost the whole session on the rope, does not seem to be interested in our offer at all. It should be noted that the behavior of the chimpanzees has changed since Angele began training with them several times a week for medical reasons. The chimpanzees are much more revealing and touchy than before, and show some of the same behavioral patterns as in the training, like showing their bellies or feet and so on. This has already been the case in the past from time to time, but has increased pver the last two weeks. It is important to consider the impact that this new training with Angela has on our sessions.