Gossau, 10 October 2014

Petiri, Cess, Digit, Chicca, Balima, Brigitte, Oseye, Fanny

Chicca eats the paint, then stipples a little on the grid before eating the paint again
She tastes the paint of each pot, then strokes a little on the floor
Oseye takes the brush and gets pulled away by Fanny

Chicca strokes on the paper we slid underneath the enclosure grid

Fanny shows no interest

Petiri strokes a bit on the paper, then returns the brush repeatedly
Pili stipples with Petiri

Elisha takes the brush and dips it into the paint

Digit passes by, and everyone leaves

Madschabu takes the brush
Malik joins in, but shows no interest
Madschabu bites the brush
Malik plays with the paint
He does not seem to understand what we want
Madschabu strokes on the floor and the wall
We hold the wooden board directly on the grid
Pembeele joins and returns a brush he found on the floor
Madschabu lies on the floor beside him and strokes a little while lying on his back

Malik takes the small board and goes outside with it

Digit sits down and takes the brush
Tzippi joins
Petiri joins
Digit returns the brush again and again and stipples a bit on the paper

Tzippi eats the paint with relish, but shows no interest in stroking with it

Today the mood was calm and a little lax. There were no big surprises or special incidents. It is to be mentioned that Chicca started stroking as soon as we slid the board underneath the grid, whereby she previously ate the paint before. Today she tested each of the paint pots one by one. We have seen this behavior performed also by her son, Mojo, who did so with a small branch on 15 September. After she was finished Chicca examined the sports camera extensively and then, as Balima did the last time, flipped it with her finger from the grid. Digit is very sympathetic to the whole setting, but did not really make any strokes himself. Tzippi was only interested in eating the paint today. It was nice, though, that both alpha animals were with us today. Blacky did not appear at all. Madschabu has obviously internalized the stroking as an activity, but was too listless today. He made a few strokes on the wall and floor, though. Balima was only briefly present in the beginning and then went to the back.