Gossau, 3 October 2014

Madschabu, Balima, Elisha, Pembeele, Chicca, Digit

Balima takes the brush, but shows no interest
She sits on the rope and observes the whole session from there

Madschabu and Tzippi examine the sports camera
Tzippi takes the brush and strokes on the camera

Madschabu takes the brush
Blacky joins
Madschabu stipples on the paper
Blacky strokes intensely
Madschabu strokes with her; he bites into the sheet of paper and wants to rip it off
We take the board out
Blacky strokes on the grid and on the floor
New sheet of paper

Digit takes the board and breaks it into two

Chicca takes the brush, then examines the sports camera

Cess examines the sports camera
Takes the brush and gives back again

Chicca strokes through the enclosure grid
Goes up to the corridor and observes the whole session from there

Mojo joins and takes the brush, dips it into the color and then throws the brush away

Pili investigates the sports camera

Pembeele strokes on the wall
He holds himself by his feet on the grid and strokes on the wall while swinging head over heels

Cess returns the brush right away and does not show interest

Pembeele strokes on the wall again

Fanny examines the sports camera and shows no interest
Oseye examines the sports camera and shows no interest
Then she takes the brush with her and strokes a long line at the exit on the floor!

Today the mood was pleasant and stimulating. The newly installed sports camera, which we attached directly to the enclosure grid, aroused a lot of interest and was extensively examined by all participants. Everything went on quietly and the camera neither was damaged nor did it cause restlessness. Madschabu made the start and left traces by stippling the brush on the sheet, which is unusual for him. He was relatively calm and friendly, although Angela had been struggling with him in the morning, as he tried to grab her twice. Blacky again stroked very concentrated and intensely. When Digit took the board inside, he broke it into two pieces, but he gave it back calmly after an inspection. Chicca stroked through the grid, because Digit sat next to her. It was very impressive that Pembeele stroked on the wall with the brush. Mojo also joined in and took brush that was lying around and dipped it several times in the paint. After doing so, he threw the brush away. Oseye also joined the session. Like Mojo, she shows some respect for the board and does not trust the situation very much. She took a brush and went in the direction of the exit to the outer compound. There she stroked a long line while going backwards and dragging the brush along with her. It is exiting that Pembeele and Oseye already made some large traces of color on the floor and the wall, without showing any interest in the paper. We want to encourage them to do so in the future. It is striking that both of them use their whole body to produce a trace: Pembeele by swinging head over heels and Oseye by walking backwards dragging the brush with her. We are eager to see how this will develop.