Gossau, 12 September 2014

Digit, Chicca, Pembeele, Cess, Mojo, Madschabu, Tzippi

Digit polders loudly in the corridor for a few minutes
We wait

Madschabu comes and sits down
Digit runs through
Madschabu leaves with the brush

Cess shows no interest

Digit takes the brush, stipples once or twice on the enclosure grid then leaves with the brush

Malik leaves right away

Madschabu wants to take the board, rips the sheet off

Everyone is nervously moving back and forth

Pembeele dips the brush in the paint and stipples on the paper

There is some loud shouting; we wait

Madschabu dips the brush and leaves right away

Balima sits on the rope observing

Blacky strokes on two sheets of paper in a focused way, then puts the brush on the paper and pushes the board towards us

Madschabu makes some big strokes on the wall as he sits on the rope
We only provide him with the wooden board without a sheet of paper; he takes some chewed paper and tries to stuff it in the hole in the wooden board; he wants to bite the board and to take it away

Pembeele stipples through the enclosure grid onto the paper
Madschabu strokes through the grid intensively, but he would rather bore into the board than stroke
Madschabu smears his spit on the wall

Pembeele imitates him(!), strokes on the wall(!) and on the floor with his fingers(!), then smears the color on the floor with both hands!

Today the mood was strangely restless. Digit first rumbled through the corridors and made it impossible to start the session for a few minutes. Then it slowly grew quieter, though there was one instance of loud shouting again. Probably Digit has beaten one of the twins, so Brigitte was screaming loudly. The twins did not come to us today. Madschabu was present for a long time, but he only tore off the paper. In between, he sat on the rope and made a few generous strokes on the wall. When we slid just the board underneath the grid without a sheet of paper, he tried to stuff chewed paper into a small hole in the surface of the board, then he wanted to bite the board. Later, he stroked relatively intensively through the grid onto the paper, although he was more interested in testing the stability of the board. The stroking seems not to interest him anymore, which may be because of his puberty. Blacky again, as in the last two sessions, came and stroked on two sheets of paper, put the brush on the paper and then pushed the board towards us and went on a distance. She was stroking intensively with concentration. We have observed that she only eats the green paint. When we removed it, she also stopped eating the paint. The great surprise of today was Pembeele. At the beginning, he was quite hesitant but then he dared to do more and more. First, he stippled on the paper, then stroked on the wall, then on the floor and then he smeared the paint with both hands, and even with his foot, on the floor. We have never seen such generous gestures from anyone before.