Gossau, 4 September 2014

Balima, Petiri, Mojo, Digit, Chicca

Chicca strokes
Mojo, Petiri and Pembeele observe
They tear sheets off
Digit joins
Chicca strokes on the board
Tzippi joins, but eats the paint

Elisha sits on the sheet
Sabine demonstrates the stroking
Elisha strokes a bit, then rips the sheet off

Digit takes the brush and brushes a bit on the grid
Brigitte and Pili join
Digit brushes gently on the enclosure grid
Brigitte eats the paint off the floor

Balima shows no interest
Sabine demonstrates the stroking
Balima stipples on the color field Sabine made

Digit takes the brush and leaves to the upper part of the corridor

Oseye stipples on the grid and on the sheet of paper
She is afraid of the wooden board
We slide only a paper underneath the grid and she stipples again a little

Today the mood was calm and relaxed. Chicca came at the beginning and stroked. The paper was torn off a few times, so we slid the board without a sheet of paper underneath the grid. Chicca then stroked relatively concentratedly on the board. Tzippi is only interested in eating the paint. Elisha stroked after Sabine has demonstrated it to her, but in a relatively unmotivated way. Balima showed no great interest, but she also dripped over Sabine's sample with red paint. Digit and Oseye were the big surprises today. Digit came several times and took the brush with the paint and carefully stroked on the grid and the floor. As Brigitte and Pili joined him, he let them eat the paint off the brush. He even continued stroking on the grid as he was sitting in the upper part of the corridor. Oseye joined for the very first time today, and stippled a bit on the paper and the floor. As we slid the board with the paper underneath the grid, she was scared of it and went away. We then slid only a sheet of paper underneath the grid. Oseye showed interest, but, the uncertainty concerning the painting supplies, was obvious. Let's see if she comes back next time. Blacky did not show up today, nor did Madschabu. As I went after the session to the outside compound to look for her, she gave me several nodding head signs and sat close to me.