Gossau, 28 August 2014

Blacky comes and sits right in front of the painting utensils

Balima, Elisha Madschabu Fanny, Tzippi, Digit

The sheet is very loosely attached; Blacky pulls the board inside and the sheet loosens slightly from the board

Madschabu rips the sheet off; we attach a new sheet on the board

Blacky strokes, eats the paint, strokes again, but eats the paint quite often

Balima observes everything from above

Fanny joins, then leaves again
Blacky eats the paint, and strokes
We want to attach a new sheet on the board
Blacky leaves to the hall

Balima comes down and scratches with the back of the brush on the paint
We turn the brush for her, but she shows no interest

Tzippi shows no interest

Blacky strokes
Madshabu sits down, stipples a little on the sheet and wants to tear the sheet off

We pull the board out and want to attach a new sheet on it
Blacky leaves

Pili leaves right away

Malik takes the brush and leaves
Balima brings the brush to us

Brigitte, Petiri, Pili, Pembeele and Malik join; Tzippi joins

Elisha sits on the sheet of paper and doesnÕt really show interest
Malik rips the sheet off

Tzippi shows no interest

Mojo sits and observes from the upper part of the corridor

Chicca eats a bit of paint and then leaves

Mojo comes down, shows his foot, which has a small cut, then takes the brush and throws it away

Today the mood was calm and relaxed. Blacky immediately joined in and sat down in front of us. This was surprising, as there had been some fights in the morning. Blacky usually withdraws for longer in such cases. She also started stroking immediately and pulled the board towards her as she did last time. She stroked on two sheets again as last time and then went up to the hallway. Madschabu was again more annoying than participating, although he stippled a bit with the brush on the sheet. Balima scratched with the handle of the brush a bit on the paint today, but she did not show any real interest. Elisha did not come to us, either. Mojo came and wanted to show his foot, which was slightly injured. He then took the brush and threw it high in the direction of the door to the outer compound. The interest seems to be decreased, as far as stroking is concerned. Surprisingly, it is again Blacky who joined from the beginning and started stroking right away. The others seem to have fallen behind in their development within the project and seem to have no more real interest in stroking. It is impossible to tell exactly why there are currently not so many participants in the group again. We are curious about how it is developing.