Gossau 13 August 2014

Malik, Tzippi, Pembeele, Elisha, Chicca, Fanny

Elisha makes a few strokes
Chicca takes the brush from her, then goes up to the corridor above and observes everything
Elisha leaves

Elisha returns and strokes, also on the floor
We slide the board underneath the grid, and she starts stroking on it

Fanny shows no interest

Blacky strokes! Also on the enclosure grid and the floor
Two sheets, one after the other
She puts the brush on the paper and pushes the board towards us!
She leaves

Sabine demonstrates the stroking to , but he rips off the paper

Oseye shows no interest

Elisha strokes a little
Madschabu sits beside her and takes the brush
Madschabu climbs up to the rope and strokes on the wall

Madschabu comes down and rips off the paper

Madschabu sits beside , who leaves with the brush

Madschabu tears off the paper, rips it into pieces and slides the paper shreds out of the corridor

Today the mood was pleasantly quiet. Brigitte and the twins were only briefly present at the beginning, and then they were up in the enclosure for the whole time. This already indicates that a large part of the previous distraction was due to Brigitte and the twins. To our surprise, Blacky came to the painting tools at a relatively early stage and, reverting to her old ways, took off. It was impressive that she pulled the board towards her to be able to stroke on it better and finally laid the brush on the paper and pushed the board towards us and then continued on a new sheet of paper. Madschabu seems to have lost interest and was only interested in tearing off the paper. In the end, he tore the paper into small pieces, which he pushed through and underneath the grid. When Sabine tried to push the pieces of paper back, he pushed them right out again. Fanny and Oseye were present for the first time today, but they showed no great interest. Chicca observed the main part of the session from the corridor above, but after she took a brush from Elisha at the beginning, she did not come down to the setting again.