Gossau 5 August 2014

Petiri, Digit, Balima, Brigitte, Chicca, Cess, Pembeele, Tzippi, Malik

Petiri takes the brush and leaves

Tzippi eats the paint, but shows no interest
Pili joins, takes the brush and leaves
Tzippi leaves

Chicca is sent to sit above in the corridor first
Pili, Petiri and Pembeele just want take the brush

Mojo joins coming from the above
Takes the brush
Dips it into the paint
Petiri takes the brush away from him

Cess shows no interest, and remains seated

There is screaming in the hallway

Cess shows no interest

Madschabu wants to stroke
Pili rips off the paper

Blacky strokes, but gets distracted by Pili and Petiri and leaves

Chicca eats the paint (from pot to pot), then stipples on the paper, eats the paint, stipples on the paper again, then leaves

Brigitte sits in front of us and wants to get loused

Blacky joins alone, take the brush, lays it down and leaves

Today was as unproductive as it had been for months. We were reminded of the time, more than six months ago, when the twins became more and more a bother, which disturbed the entire session with their distractions. Neither Blacky nor Madschabu could stroke, despite the fact that they were sitting down with motivation, because the brushes were taken away from them by the twins immediately. Tzippi also showed no interest and Chicca was only interested in eating the paint today, and she tried all the pots one by one. Cess and Brigitte simply lack any intention towards making strokes. The big surprise is Mojo, who was present again and took the brush several times in his hand. The brush was taken away by the twins immediately, though. Nevertheless, we are pleased that the spell between our setting and Mojo seems to be broken. We are not able to say whether he will start stroking. He uses the brush more like a plaything than a stroking instrument.