Gossau, 1 July 2014

Pili with bucket from outside

Madschabu is stroking

Fanny wants to get the board and is sent away

Madschabu is stroking
Blacky is stroking, leaves, and comes back
Wants to take MadschabuÕs brush, but gets her own brush
Madschabu tears the paper off

Blacky is stroking inside of the bucket
Madschabu takes the bucket
Blacky is stroking on the paper intensely

Mojo observes everything from above
Brigitte, Petiri eat the paint

Pili stipples a little

Petiri tears the paper off and then takes the board
Angela takes it away from him

Chicca is hesitant
There is screaming in the corridors; everyone leaves

Chicca eats the paint
We slide the board underneath the grid
She is stroking
Tzippi dips the brush into the paint, then eats the paint

Chicca wants to take the board and is sent away

Tzippi shows no interest

Pembeele shows no interest

Balima observes

Digit is called, comes to the setting, but shows no interest, then bites the brush

Chicca is waiting the whole time
We allow her to stroke through the enclosure grid, but she mainly eats the paint

Balima observes

Angela doesnÕt allow to come
He takes the brush and leaves

Balima shows no interest

Pembeele, Petiri

Chicca wants to take the board

Today the mood was calm. The desire to stroke was limited. Blacky has intensively stroked, so did Madschabu in the beginning. Chicca was more into eating the paint today but also made a few strokes. Pili stippled a bit but could not really get into it because of the group dynamics. Digit does not seem to know what it is all about, which is surprising for us. Elisha could not get to the setting because of Chicca, but waited outside. For the first time, Fanny got our attention when she appeared at the beginning starting loudly to threaten. She has never really been here. We're curious about how things will continue after the coming two-week break.