Gossau, 17 June 2014

Elisha, Cess, Digit, Malik

Elisha takes a brush and leaves

Madschabu strokes

Digit wants to take the wooden board

Madschabu strokes

Cess wants to take the wooden board, returns the brushes repeatedly, and stipples on the paper!

Madschabu strokes

Blacky strokes
Madschabu strokes
Elisha strokes, also on the floor
Blacky strokes
Pili stipples
Petiri distracts

Balima strokes a bit

Digit strokes a bit with the brush in his mouth!

Chicca strokes, takes the board, rips the paper off, strokes on the board and then returns the board

Today the atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant. One sheet after another was coated with paint. At first, Elisha took the brush and left again. Madschabu immediately began to stroke. Then Cess dabbed a few times with the brush on the sheet. After that, Madschabu joined in, followed by Elisha, Blacky and finally Pili. They even stroked on a sheet of paper together. Then Balima made a few hesitant blobs. And after that, Digit, the alpha male, joined in and produced some dabs holding the brush in his mouth, which came as a great surprise to us. This is incredible and makes us speechless. Finally, Chicca joined in and stroked in a relaxed manner on the paper. At the end, she took the board, ripped the sheet off and stroked directly on the wooden board! Today was an extraordinary day; especially the fact that Digit stroked is extraordinary. Also, that Chicca stroked on the wooden board instead of destroying it is incredible. And that we now have a sheet of paper with dashes produced by four chimpanzees is remarkable.