Gossau, 3 June 2014

Chicca, Cess, Balima, Digit, Madschabu

Chicca makes some strokes

Madschabu sits next to her

Chicca beats Madschabu a few times on the head

Mojo stays a bit at a distance

Chicca strokes
We slide the wooden board underneath the grid
She takes the wooden board inside
She returns it again!

Chicca strokes
Madschabu sits next to her

We give him a brush as well
He does not stroke because of Chicca

We slide the wooden board underneath the grid
Chicca wants to take the board inside
Chicca is sent away

Madschabu strokes, takes paint in his mouth and drops it on the sheet
Madschabu tears the sheet off

Pili is stippling!!
Mojo distracts him continuously
Mojo throws a ball at him
Pili chases him until he goes outside

Petiri takes a brush and makes two small dabs on the paper


Digit comes
Brigitte screams
Cess hammers on the enclosure grid

There is much excitement

Pili stipples again
Petiri and Brigitte join him

Brigitte just wants to eat the paint


Blacky strokes a bit


Blacky strokes in a very focused way on a black sheet of paper

Mojo and Chicca observe everything

Blacky continues to stroke again on a black sheet of paper; this time she strokes around the sheet of paper

Today the atmosphere was relatively relaxed and quiet. In the middle of the session, there was a little excitement because of Digit and Brigitte. We slid the wooden board underneath the grid for Chicca. She pulled it inside, but after inspecting it, returned it again. That surprised and delighted us. Chicca stroked on almost on the entire sheet today. At the end, she finished stroking on a little white corner of paper, which she did not immediately notice. Madschabu did not stroke while sitting next to Chicca, although he took a brush. Chicca would not have tolerated that. He again stroked holding the brush in his mouth and also only with his mouth. Pili joined in, in a self-evident manner, and stippled on the paper as we saw in the sessions before. Again, it was like a miracle. It seems to be proven that a first conscious stroke works like an initial moment to break the ice. And above all, the first conscious stroke seems to be so motivating that the individual chimpanzee wants to repeat this action. Blacky joined in at the end of the session. You can see her age and the complaints she is having more obviously. However, today she was as focused as we have not seen for a long time. We gave her two black sheets today. She stroked on the first black sheet with the paint, then she stroked around the second sheet on the floor. She also dripped the white paint from the brush onto the paper again and observed this process intensely.