140507 #Blacky



140507 Blacky

140507 #Blacky

This is one of the most impressive manifestations by Blacky. She starts with blue parallel color applications with white gaps in between each one. She then applies red paint in between the blue applications, filling the white gaps. In the process of this manifestation, we also see that Blacky lets the paint drop from the brush to the paper, and observes what is happening. She continues by stroking with the dropped paint on the paper. At the end, she takes yellow paint and applies it to the middle of the color field, but then suddenly stops and puts the brush on the board.

140507 Blacky Stills

This manifestation shows that Blacky is acting in a quite differentiated way with the painting implements. The fact that she produces parallel strokes with white gaps in between and then fills those gaps with another color is exceptional. Blacky is not just producing an intended closed color field but is furthermore producing a closed color field by applying a formal pattern, such as stripes. Additionally, she is exploring the paint by letting it drop onto the paper and using it subsequently to stroke. This shows that she has an understanding of the paint as a liquid intended for stroking.