Gossau 7 May 2014

Loud shouting at the beginning: Digit is beating up Brigitte

Digit, Cess, Elisha, Malik, Tzippi, Balima
Digit got bitten in the foot

Cess takes a brush and is returning it directly

Chicca, Mojo are coming close

Tzippi takes the brush


Chicca strokes a little with yellow paint, but mainly eats it
Pili, Petiri sit beside her
Pili scratches with a finger on the paint

Digit comes
Everyone goes away

Madschabu strokes again (!), but eats the paint now and again

Digit comes and leaves
Everyone leaves again when Digit runs through

New sheet of paper

Tzippi tears the paper away

Madschabu is stroking with the brush in his mouth again

New sheet of paper

Blacky strokes again
She takes different colors more or less alternately: black, red, white
She drops the paint carefully from the brush onto the paper and observes this process

New sheet of paper

Blacky and Madschabu together
Blacky only takes the white paint
Blacky seems to observe carefully what she is doing with the white paint on the white sheet

Today the atmosphere was rather excited at the beginning. Digit and Cess beat up Brigitte, who once again stayed in the corridor instead of going to the inner compound or outside. The whole scene ended in unbearably loud screaming. As Digit came to the painting implements, we saw that someone has bitten his foot bloody. Digit was excited in the first half hour and was always running through the corridor. All of the others had to leave the space than. Madschabu stroked again on the paper! He seems to take after his mother. As soon as it was possible, he took the chance and sat down with us, stroking with a brush on the paper. He has also eaten the paint in between quite often. Blacky licked the brush more often than usual. Today, she carefully selected the color and switched the brush between the red, blue and white paint alternately. She also dripped the paint from the brush onto the paper and observed this process carefully. Madschabu made a manifestation together with his mother. Blacky only chose the white paint. Still, she was interested in the stroking process. We are very curious to see how this will continue and, above all, whether Madschabu will continue to make strokes in the future.