Gossau, 30 April 2014

Digit, Cess, Petiri, Balima, Malik, Chicca, Pembeele, Elisha

Malik takes a brush

Madschabu takes a brush

Sabine is brushing their hands with the color


We slide the board to Malik underneath the grid; he rips of the sheet

Madschabu shows no interest

Blacky brushes, dips the brush in the urine and continues to stroke, also on the enclosure grid and the floor

Second sheet; Blacky starts and stops again
Balima, Madschabu
Madschabu dips the brush himself
Pili is distracting him
Pili and Petiri tear the paper off

Chicca observes everything from the passage

Third Sheet
Madschabu dips himself and strokes (!!) in large movements

New sheet; Blacky strokes

New sheet; Madschabu strokes in large movements

Today, Sabine led the session for the first time. At the beginning, the atmosphere was a bit reserved but calm. Blacky joined in and stroked immediately. This is a great success and not self-evident, since we have never been able to completely be sure to what extent the relationship with Angela is a decisive factor for her motivation. This is now answered and shows that she joins because of the stroking action. The biggest surprise of the day is that Madschabu stroked three large-scale sheets today. It was like a small miracle. At first, hesitantly, he licked the sheet, then he suddenly made a brush stroke. This led him to further strokes, until he finally made strokes on three sheets. One of them was even produced together with his mother, Blacky. It was incredibly moving to see how he slowly approached his first stroke and then finally executed it and to see that this action motivated him to produce another. We are enthusiastic and curious about whether he is just as eager to stroke as his mother.