Gossau 1 April 2014

Tzippi takes a brush
Chicca takes the brush from her

All leaves


Madschabu gets distracted

Chicca goes away

Pili takes the brush



Balima shows no interest

Digit beats Brigitte; she screams loudly

Elisha takes a brush and goes away

Digit beats Brigitte

Cess takes a brush and gives it right back


White and yellow
Eats the paint a lot

Elisha, Malik
Malik takes a brush
Elisha strokes
Elisha goes away

Mojo watches

Blacky also strokes on the floor and the enclosure grid

The mood was somewhat distracted today. The twins have really set themselves the goal of disturbing the sessions and especially Blacky while she is stroking, either by playing around above her or by taking the brush away from her. This leads to diminished concentration and above all makes it impossible for her to get involved in the stroking, as she had been until recently. Today, Digit and Cess have also repeatedly beaten up Brigitte, who nevertheless remained in the corridor. This has led to loud shouting and caused some excitement. Why Brigitte does not leave with the twins is inexplicable to us. Today, Cess was by the painting tools, which was impressive. But he only took the brush and returned it, because he gets a raisin for returning the brushes. Chicca was also present and made a few strokes. The atmosphere was too restless, however, so she finally took the brush and left. Elisha made a few strokes, too, and Malik was also here. It was not the most productive day. Nevertheless, it is impressive that just the three chimpanzees who had already taken part productively participated again: Chicca, Elisha and Blacky. We are curious to see how the situation develops with the twins. That the younger ones have more interest in distracting than stroking is also remarkable for us, especially since Madschabu and Mojo have been observing the activity closely for a few weeks. Whether they will be on the side of the troublemakers or the "painters" will soon be seen.