Gossau, 17 March 2014

PembeleAngela demonstrates the stroking to Digit
He wants to take the brush


Blacky is not really motivated; Pili annoys her all the time

Chicca eats the paint and strokes!!

New sheet of paper
Also strokes on the floor and eats the paint again and again and strokes and strokes

New sheet of paper

At the beginning, Digit joined in and observed everything very quietly and curiously. He took the brush with his mouth but did not stroke. He wanted to take the brush completely inside the enclosure, but did not take it when Angela told him not to do so. Blacky came as soon as it was possible for her. She was not so focused, because Pili was constantly swinging around her and Madschabu was repeatedly stealing the brush from her. After that, Chicca joined in and stroked. We are incredibly impressed. She was quite calm and focused. She has always eaten the paint and then stroked with it. She takes much more paint out of the pots and pushes the brush much more firmly onto the sheet than Blacky. She has always chosen the pot from the center of the pot holder. We wonder if she will come back next time and stroke as calmly again. Thinking about Blacky, we ask ourselves whether she lacks a bit of motivation already or whether it really has to do with the disrupting youngsters.