Gossau, 11 February 2014

Blacky comes right after him and begins making strokes immediately with two times white paint
Because she is surrounded by a large number of others she loses her focus
She stops and takes a step back and then goes even farther away

Tzippi sits briefly at the setting without much interest

Madschabu dips the brush himself into the paint pot, takes the brush and climbs away

Chicca dips the brush into the paint pot herself and eats the paint

Balima dips the brush herself
No interest

Fanny joins in but doesn't show any interest

Oseye comes and goes instantly

Blacky comes back
Always dipping the brush into the red paint
Also stroking on the enclosure grid
There are still some of the others around her

We send most of them away to offer Blacky a more private space

We slide the wooden board underneath the grid
She still takes only the red paint
She strokes eagerly and with concentration

Blacky stops stroking and returns the brush!!

It seems very important to Blacky that she has a big amount of privacy. As soon as we sent out the disturbing individuals, she began to make strokes in a very focused way. It is impressive that she is not being chased away by the others and that they do not intervene in her stroking directly. The others only want the brush or the paint, but they do not dispute Blacky's position.