Gossau, 21 October 2013

Angela is demonstrating the paint stroking
Pili is watching her
Pili, Petiri
Mojo, Digit

First sheet of paper with blue paint
Pili rips off the sheet
Everybody leaves

Second sheet with red and blue paint
Angela shows Pili how to stroke
Pili wants to tear off the sheet
Malik observes the scene
Pili gets locked out
Mojo is getting nervous
Angela with Mojo
Mojo is afraid of the red paint
Angela is holding the paint in front of them (Mojo, Digit, Pembeele)
Everybody leaves

Mojo alone
Petiri with the group
Pili wants to tear off the sheet
Brigitte and Petiri
Brigitte and Pili
Mojo interacts carefully with the sheet
Pili distracts him
Pili is getting some paint
Angela takes a little branch and shows Mojo how to stroke with it
She gives Mojo the branch
Pili examines the paint on the pieces of torn paper
Petiri does, too
Tearing on the sheet
Pili, Petiri
Angela shows them the tubes with paint again and again and lets them taste it

Only paint on the structure (no sheet of paper)
Angela shows them how to smear
Brigitte, Pili and Petiri
Angela shows this to Brigitte and Petiri
Angela leads Brigitte's hand

Next time we will try it without a sheet of paper and let them interact with the paint directly on the wood.The mood of the group has generally gotten somewhat quieter. There are fewer chimpanzees in the space on average. Most notably, the twins and Mojo are present. Chicca was at a distance on her own behalf. Brigitte is from Jerusalem and was raised by a private individual until she was about 5 years old. She was interacting with the paint at the end. Generally the paint and the paper are more interesting to them as materials than using them to stroke or smear the paper.