Gossau, 2 October 2013

Structure with an A2 sheet of paper attached

The sheet is attached with flour glue (enriched with citric acid against mold formation)

A dab of black finger paint is in the lower left corner

Pili tries to tear off the paper

Cautiously, he loosens a corner and tastes the glue attaching the sheet to the structure

Pembeele also shows interest in the paper and the paint

Madschabu is also part of the group examining the structure, the paper, the paint and the glue

Oseye shows great interest

In the middle of the session she tries to grab the camera

Tzippi finally tears off the whole sheet carefully

Then she rips the sheet into small pieces and tries to eat them

Tzippi also tries to wipe the paint which is on the paper onto the wire grid of the enclosure

Chicca also shows interest in the paint and the paper

Angela says that they probably liked the glue too much. Next time, we will try to add some drops of bitter almond into the glue. The acidity of the citric acid seems to taste too good for them.

We will also try to attach a paint dab of a different color on the sheet, probably a dab of red paint.